3rd Party Networks

Enter the URL for the third party network that you wish to show on your Vemuz Mobile website. Example: enter www.facbook.com/mypage in the Facebook field to present a link to your Facebook page on your Vemuz Website.


Activate vs. Save

To publish your website for visitors to view and to be recognized in Search Engines results click Activate. To save your work without publishing, just click on the Save button.


To create a banner use a picture manager software (like Microsoft Paint, PowerPoint...). Set the attributes to 320x75 pixels for best display; Vemuz will automatically adjust the attributes of any banner you submit to 320x75 pixels.


Business Category

Select the Category that your business belongs to; Restaurant or Retail.


Business Description

Describe your business in 800 or less characters.


Business Location(s)

Enter your business location in the relative fields.


Business Name

Enter your business name as you like to display it on your website.


Business Type

Enter your business type to enable sorting and search. Example, enter "Italian", if your business is an Italian Restaurant or "Clothing" if your business is a clothing store.


Business Website

If you currently have a website, enter the your website URL in this filed. This will direct visitors to your regular website when they tap on 'Full Website".



If you wish to use a unique Code or Number for a coupon that you wish to display on your Vemuz Mobile Website enter this Code or Number in this field.


Coupon Banners

Create and submit a Coupon Banner in this field - Set your Code Banner image attributes to 320x75 pixels.


Coupon Format

You can submit coupons in one of three formats: Image, PDF or URL. URL type coupons are those that you are hosting on third party networks, like a newspaper, 3rd party websites, your main website, Groupon…etc.


Coupon Titles

Give your Coupon a Title Name to easily distinguish one coupon from another.



This is a page to display Coupons on.


CSV Format List

CSV format is the format necessary to easily submit Location or Menu information to Vemuz.


Delivery Service

If your business delivers goods or products, please enter YES; if not, simply enter NO.


GPS Coordinates

If your business is located outside the US or Canada, please enter your GPS coordinates for an accurate display of your business’s location on a Map. To obtain your business location GPS coordinates click here


Home Page Picture

Home Page pictures are the first thing visitors to your Vemuz Mobile Website view when visiting your Vemuz Mobile Site. Submit Images with attributes set at 320x75 pixels for best display. Vemuz will automatically adjust the attributes of any Home page picture you submit to 320x75 pixels.


Home Page Title

Give your Home Page a Title. This will be submitted to Search Engines.


Page Title Icon

The Icon will be used visitors to add your Vemuz Mobile Website on their mobile device Home Screen. The Icon will look like an APP Icon once saved to a device Home Screen.


Learning Center

Links to Tips Page.

Menu Description

Describe the type of Cuisine that your restaurant offers.


Multi Locations File

If you have more than one location, submit a CSV file with these locations. To obtain the format of a Location file, click Here.


Operation Days

List the days that your business is open.


Operation Hours

List the hours that your business is open.


PDF Format List

Submit your Menu in PDF format.


Tech Support

Contact us by e-mail at support@vemuz.com



Should you have any questions not covered in this section, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at support@vemuz.com