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Vemuz was founded to help Businesses publish their Name Branded Apps on both the Apple iTune and Google Play App Stores with the objective of

  • Enable Brand presence on user’s device
  • Create customer engagement through Notifications
  • Increase revenue through higher convergence rate

As a SAAS platform, Vemuz has been providing services since 2013, when it launched its first mobile web publishing service. Today, Vemuz platforms help businesses get on the App store quickly and easily, utilize the Vemuz network to gain customers worldwide, and achieve new revenue streams.

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Publish your Brand’s mobile app with Web to App

Web to App is the easiest and fastest path to get your Corporate Brand on the Apple and Google Play Apps stores. Create a FREE Profile today and get published in days rather than months.

  • 01 Create

    Download the Web to App for iOS or Android. Register your Corporate Brand profile with Vemuz Mobile. Activate your account to view your website compatibility with Web to App.

  • Choose a plan that suites your Corporate Brand goals and objectives. Our plans are designed to assure maximum distribution across Operating Systems (iOS & Android) and boarders.

  • Activate the In-app notifications plugin to message and direct users of your App toward points of interest, special offers and announcements.


Our Competing Prices

Monthly Plan

$99per month

  • $399 Setup Fee
  • Your Brand iOS App
  • Your Brand Android App
  • Unlimited In-App Notifications
  • Paid Monthly

Two-Year Plan

$49per month

  • $99 Setup Fee
  • Your Brand iOS App
  • Your Brand Android App
  • Unlimited In-App Notifications
  • Paid Once Every Two Years


Download Web to App for iOS or Android and create a Brand Profile. Upon confirming your registration a Vemuz Team Member will reach out to you by email to assist you with any questions you might have to get your Brand published on the Apple and Google Play App Stores.


The Vemuz Advantage

Time to Market

Ready to Deploy or Customize IP enables our customers to deploy B2C solutions to targeted markets within a short timeframe.


We make it easier and more affordable for our clients to enter a high-growth market locally and around the world.


We deploy and develop Digital Marketing tools that help our clients better position products that are ready to sell.

Great Ideas

We engage in customer monitoring sessions over multiple Vemuz platforms, develop an understanding of buyers’ habitual practices on our network, develop ideas to attract, engage, and covert visitors to buyer and continue to learn how to better obtain a better ROI.


We have the ability to react in real time to the highly complex needs of our clients. We have built a wealth of leading industry experience and expertise both on and offshore allowing us the technical knowledge to deliver the best solutions safely and effectively.


Vemuz Communication Engine enables communication between sellers in multiple ways over the Internet, including In-App or In-Web Notification, Email, Instant Messaging, Feedback, Contact Forms, Chat and social networking sites.


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Why Publish an App?

  • 01 Brand Presence

    The major advantage mobile apps have over mobile websites is that your brand is given real estate on your customer’s device. Even when users are not actively using a mobile app, they are still reminded of the brand associated with the app. The icon of the app acts as an advertisement for the brand. This presents a huge opportunity for hyper-targeted marketing and a level of customer engagement that can’t be matched on any other channel.

  • Choose a plan that suites your Corporate Brand goals and objectives. Our plans are designed to assure maximum distribution across Operating Systems (iOS & Android) and boarders.A native app can interface with the device’s capabilities, it is particularly important for retail apps as they significantly enhance the customer experience. If there’s a single truth to shopping, it’s that the customer experience matters. A mobile app is, therefore, the ultimate way to improve the customer experience, acting as an extension of a retailer’s brand and offering features that aren’t possible anywhere else.

  • Personalization is about offering tailored communication to users based on their interests, location, usage behavior, and more. With mobile apps, it’s easy to offer users a personalized experience. Mobile apps can let users set up their preferences when they have originally downloaded the app and customize it to suit their needs. Apps can also track user engagement and use it to offer custom recommendations and updates to the users. Furthermore, mobile apps can also identify the location of the users to provide geography-specific content such as special promotions or deals at a particular store location.

  • Mobile apps run with their own interface environment which enables users to become more immersed in the mobile experience. They are built with a purpose, they address user pain points and make it easier for users to achieve a goal. Additionally, mobile apps allow for more interactive ways for the user to engage with your content. Rather than looking at the exact same text and images as a website, apps can integrate features which allow users to interact with certain components of the app. Finally, if a mobile app delivers a great deal of value to a user, they will return frequently, forming a habit. These factors all contribute to greater customer engagement, in turn, boosting conversion rates.

  • In-app notifications are messages that you can send to users of your app. They’re commonly used to direct users toward points of interest to boost usage, retention, and lifetime value (LTV). Used properly, in-app notifications help users find what they’re looking for and increase their satisfaction. In-app notifications are fantastic for pushing users forward in their customer journey and your marketing funnel. They serve as product teams’ primary form of communication with users and because these notifications can be triggered based on any mixture of segmentation, behavior, or timing, they allow you (The Brand) to customize the journey for each user.


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